Operations Management

Learn more about our successfully delivered projects in the area of Operations Management (Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, Diagnostics, Organizational Studies, Performance Measurement and Analysis).

Ministry of National Economy

Study for the merge of «Thessaloniki Water Supply Organization» and «Thessaloniki Sewerage Organization» in cooperation with the company EUROCONSULTANTS S.A. (1999)

National Centre for Public Administration and Prefectural Administration

Reengineering (Study and Pilot Application) – Implementation of the reorganization & Continuous Improvement of the function of Public Administration (2008) [“Prefectures of Attica and Central Macedonia”, the “Prefectural Administrations of Eastern Attica and Thessaloniki” the “Cities of Peristeri and Thessaloniki”, the “National Center for Public Administration and Prefectural Administration”, and the “The General Secretariat of Adult Training, Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs”]

Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) - "House of Greek Industry - Development Actions SA”

Promoting ‘functional flexibility’ & ‘organizational innovation’ practices” in Greek enterprises (2013-2015) [Consortium: TECMOR S.A. – PLANNING S.A.]

“Strategic Study of Greek enterprises for the development and implementation of ‘functional flexibility’ & ‘organizational innovation’ practices” (2011-2012) [Consortium: TECMOR S.A. – PLANNING S.A. – SUPPLY CHAIN INSTITUTE LTD – GREEK PEOPLE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION

Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) S.A

Study and elaboration of a complete methodology for mail exchange and feasibility study for the implementation of an electronic filling protocol – system. (2000).

Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) S.A.

Reorganization and operations improvement study in the Water Supply Network Division (WSND) – in the Sewerage Network Division (SND) (2014-2015)

Diagnostic study – assessment of the current functional & organizational framework of the ‘Operational Service Centre (1022)’ – Submission of Organizational development interventions & Business Processes Reengineering proposals (2014)

Company Structure Improvement and Human Resources Optimization Study” (2005-2006)

Diagnostic Study-Analysis of the Current Organizational Framework of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company – Action Plan(2004-2005)

Various Private Sector Companies